Privacy Policy

Customer Consent

What and how we use your data for legitimate interest?
Our commitment to you and why it is important to us?
This agreement does not restrict your consumer rights.
Data Storage: We store and protect your data within our (Cloudstill) database and this will include the very minimal
amount of information we need to ensure your aftersales plan is catered to correctly.
Data Collection: Each field of data corresponds to a specific action and this information corresponds to your vehicle
vehicle purchase, so we do not collect any data that is outside of this or considered sensitive and unnecessary.
Typical Fields Used: Name, Email, Mobile, Vehicle Make/Model, MOT/Servicing (if applicable), Warranty (if
applicable), Finance (if applicable) etc.
Personalised Relevance: We use the data to improve your experience with us. This is achieved by contacting you with
content that is tailored to your specific interests and unique vehicle situation rather than distributing generic
information that may be considered irrelevant to you as an individual.
Examples could include:
– A reminder sent to you when your MOT is due.
– When you have a certain amount of time remaining on your finance agreement.
– When your warranty cover has nearly expired.
– From time to time, an update with our latest stock that matches your preferences.
Customer Relationship: We want to build an ongoing relationship with you that serves your interests,
specifically. So we will strictly only contact you when the message or content is relevant to you and your vehicle
Data Sharing: We do not share your data with any third-party other than our software provider (Cloudstill) who
facilitate the organisation and protection of our data. Through (Cloudstill) own privacy policy, they will not use
your data for their own purposes nor share it with anyone else – this can be accessed on their privacy policy
which is available on the Cloudstill website.
Opting-Out: You will have the option to be removed from any further contact from ourselves should you wish to
do so. This is available to you at every point of contact through both email and SMS, our preferred means of
customer contact.
Right To Be Forgotten: You have the right to be permanently removed from our system, again, should you wish
to do so.


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